Alexan Uptown Resident Events

Resident Events

Alexan Uptown Resident Events

The Alexan Uptown team loves hosting resident events! This helps us build a sense of community and get to know our residents. It also helps our residents get to know their neighbors and make new friends.

In the past we’ve hosted community fitness classes at local gyms, happy hours at local bars, and a variety of events in our community lounge. We’ve also promoted outside events that have been hosted by vendors and/or neighbors.

Last month we hosted our first pet meet and greet! It was a blast and everyone in the room had a smile on their face. We also hosted a happy hour event at Horseshoe Lounge, a local dive bar. We had a great turn out for this event in such a fun place, close to Alexan Uptown. In addition to the resident events we host, we also provide free fitness classes each week. The classes come in the form of either a boot camp or yoga. Our residents seem to love the options we provide for them to meet new people while doing something that is fun, unique, or beneficial to their health.

In the month of October we plan on hosting a Halloween Party, a Grab and Go Breakfast, as well as the weekly fitness classes. The Grab and Go Breakfast will be a great way for our residents to start their week and get a complimentary breakfast on the way to work. The Halloween Party is still being planned, but will definitely include a pet costume contest!

As stated before, we love hosting events for our residents as well as ourselves to get to know each other, and have fun while doing it. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events! You can see pictures of previous events here.

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